Central Africa Youths Toward Dakar2021


Access to drinking water and sanitation is a vital need, to which more than 2 billion people do not have access, although it has been a human right since 2010. This situation is aggravated by the negative effects of global warming, economic and demographic pressures, water pollution and the multiplication of natural, security and health disasters. To all these constraints is added the COVID which offers even greater challenges for water security in Africa. Faced with all this, the Youth have solutions to offer, which often lack an audience and leverage for their implementation. As part of its three-year strategy, the Water and Climate Network of Youth Organizations in Central Africa (RECOJAC) is committed to developing partnerships and mobilizing resources for the contribution of young people to the achievement of various development agendas. (ODD, SENDAI, AGENDA 63, etc.). To this end, RECOJAC (Central Africa focal point within the African cell of the youth steering committee for the Dakar 2021 World Water Forum) in collaboration with Water For Life Cameroon, and with the support of UNESCO Bureau regional Central Africa and the Global Water Partnership Central Africa (GWP-Caf) is launching a call for innovative projects related to water, climate and COVID. This process aims to support an innovative young initiative (under 35 years old) with impact that will be the subject of a presentation at the next “world water dialogue” co-organized by the Senegalese government and the World Council. water, in March 2021 in Dakar will allow them to share the solutions they propose to solve the challenges of water, climate and health security, as well as the lessons learned. Selected projects will be mentored by partner organizations and will receive initial support of US$500.


  • Mobilize partners wishing to provide technical support for the selected projects/
  • Carry out a digital mapping of youth projects in Central Africa /
  • Facilitate and monitor the mentoring of selected projects/
  • Facilitate exchanges between young project leaders
  • Networking of project leaders with other opportunities
  • Mobilize funding to facilitate project visibility at the Dakar2021 World Water Forum https://www.worldwatercouncil.org/en/dakar-2021 and partners